Event Information

  • Sat

    24th Street Wailers

    $10.00 ($12 at the door) - 8:00 p.m.

    Lindsay Beaver, the flame-haired lead singer/drummer, plays drums powerfully, delivers the vocals and leads a thunderingly successful band. Emily Burgess is tiny, shy and innocent in appearance but explosive as lead guitarist. Jon Wong a 21st century version of a honking sax man who escaped from Little Richard’s screaming band. Next there’s Lindsay’s husband Mike Archer, a country boy at heart that turns his Harmony bass into a sound so big you’ll feel it in your gut. If all that wasn’t enough, the band just added Jesse Whiteley,a member of Toronto’s first family of roots music, on piano. It didn’t take long for The Wailers to develop the tightest of grooves, an original repertoire, and a balls-against-the-wall live show. - the24thstreetwailers.com

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