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  • Fri

    Stacy Mitchhart

    1,000 Show!

    $5 ($7 at the door) - 8:00 p.m.

    Stacy Mitchhart’s music is the real thing, with each note he plays on his guitars, and each note that he sings sounding like its coming straight from his heart. He incorporates all sorts of styles into his music, Country, Soul, Rhythm and Blues, and early Rock and Roll, to build his own unique sound. But, at its core, it's the Blues. Stacy Mitchhart currently plays over 250 shows yearly in front of over 100,000 fans while traveling close to 60,000 miles. He has appeared on numerous television shows including PBS Jubilee Concert Series, TBS’s ‘Dinner and a Movie’, HBO, the Speed Channel for NASCAR races, and Monday Night Football for Tennessee Titans including original compositions being used for the broadcast. Independent filmmaker Tim Hardiman released the documentary “NASHVEGAS Blues” which is based on the remarkable story of Stacy Mitchhart’s life and was premiered World-wide on The Documentary Channel in November 2009. It continues to be in the Documentary Channel programming rotation. - stacymitchhart.com

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