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  • Fri

    Earl & Them

    Doors open @ 6:30 show begins @ 8pm

    WebsiteEarlEarl and Them had been playing together for several years prior to this recording. Jimmy Thackery and David Renko would sit in on occasions. David more frequently because he lived and worked in the area, Jimmy less. Although Jimmy lived in Busch, AR, he still maintained a rigorous national touring act. When the fellows got together, the results were spectacular and the word got around that this was an incredible show. The guys would play off of each other and trade ferocious leads of guitar and sax. Much of the best work came when the guys jammed. Then, Jimmy and Earl would get into a zone and trade licks of epic proportions. And David, not to be outdone, would respond with his own breathtaking leads. Jimmy has told Earl that what they do on stage together should not be able to be done, and that he can only do this with Earl. These guys can create and improvise on stage with the best. This stuff is rarely rehearsed and no two shows are alike.