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  • Sat

    Orphan Jon and The Abandoned / Patrick Recob

    Doors open @ 6:30 show begins @ 8:00pm


    OrphanPatrickEventHeaderOrphan Jon and The Abandoned is an American Roots & Blues band from Southern California. Recently signed to SoCal’s highly respected and well established blues label Rip Cat Records; a label that has such legendary and iconic blues artists as The Blasters, Kid Ramos, Lynwood Slim, Barry Levenson, White Boy James, KK Martin, Blue Lunch, as well as contemporary artists as John Clifton, Black Market III, Alastair Greene, Johnny Mastro and Mams Boys, Jade Bennett and Gino Matteo. OJATA is quickly becoming a go to band because of the high energy and passion they display while performing. Roots and Blues is their life blood, and it shows in their ever popular originals; and the few selective covers, they bring to every show. It is the bands goal to captivate the audience from the first note struck until the last chord is played while entertaining them both musically and visually. OJATA simply put, is a very unique band. Unique in that they express themselves in such a way; that’s so different, that many have said after seeing them perform live, they’ve never seen nor heard anyone like them before. And not only do they capture the traditional fans of the blues; which they so love and cherish, but also have been gaining more and more of a younger audience due to the Roots style of music they showcase everywhere they’ve been honored to play. When you see and hear OJATA you will be taken on a journey through the ups and downs, the twists and turns, peaks and valleys of the vibrancy of love and everyday living through their music. They are a rare breed full of spirit and charisma, and they put on a show that is both energetic and captivating with a tight sound like no other.

    Front man Jon English, can be moving, emotional, heartfelt and intense at one point, and then soothing, soulful, lustful and desiring at another point in both his body language, lyrics and vocals.
    Add to Jon’s performance the journeymen experiences of Bruce Krupnik; with his flowing, rhythmic, harmonious blend of guitar string manipulations that invites your soul on a cosmic colorful expedition to places you might’ve never been before, the rhythm section of Tony Jack Grigsby; with his steady uplifting, driving, both subtle and powerful, bass playing that takes your heartbeat on a vast rousing journey, and Mike Malone; with his energetic, captivating, influential dynamics of the drums and you have The Abandoned.

    Orphan Jon and The Abandoned is a band that totally captures the essence of what Americana Music is all about; hard work, rough life, grinding days, moving souls, touching hearts and heartfelt love, day to day, and all the time.



    Hailing from the Kansas City area, Patrick Recob has spent the past twenty-five years honing his craft as a bassist, and is an alumni of the Gary Primich Band of the 1990s, Lee McBee in the 2000s, and a stellar list of who’s who of national act artists such as James Harman, RJ Mischo, Adrianna Marie & her Groovecutters, Smokin’ Joe Kubek & Bnois King to name a select few. Sharing the stage with many well known blues artists on high profile events around the United States, he has also toured Europe with The Gary Primich Band in 1995 and Mike Morgan & The Crawl featuring Lee McBee in 2007. Recob remains active touring as a sideman and is an especially strong fixture on the Midwest scene. He fronts the Confessors, Lee McBee’s former backup band, Sunday nights as the house band at BB’s Lawnside BBQ in Kansas City; a residency the band has had for 18 years.     

    Recob has recorded two acclaimed albums with Steve Gerard & The National Debonaires, and two albums with Michigan native Hank Mowery. The first recording with Mowery, ACCOUNT TO ME won the 2014 Blues Foundation International Blues Challenge for Best Self Produced CD. He also appeared on the Delta Groove Recording ROAD DOG’S LIFE by Smokin’ Joe Kubek & Bnois King in 2012.

    His songwriting talents came to the forefront while on tour as bassist for the James Harman Band during his Midwest summer tour in 2016. Harman insisted he record and produce Recob’s debut album which manifested into PERPETUAL LUAU. Released in May 2017 on Recob’s Mr. Lucky’s Blues Recording Co., it gained recognition and was a critically acclaimed release making a number of esteemed Best of 2017 list compilations, including landing at #80 on the RMR Contemporary Blues Top 200 for 2017.

    So now that Patrick Recob’s entrance as a solo artist has been affirmed, he gears up to take PERPETUAL LUAU on the road in 2018 to showcase his blues for the new millennium.

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