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  • Fri

    Hector Anchondo

    Doors open @ 6:30 show begins @ 8:00pm


    HeaderHectorGrowing up on a Missouri farm, Anchondo soaked up roots music, Latino music, bluegrass and old blues. He picked up the guitar as teen, and as soon as he finished high school, while classmates headed off to college, he headed for Omaha, where he had some family, to make a life playing guitar.

    “Omaha turned out to be a great place for a new artist starting out,” Anchondo said. “They will get behind a new act with new original music.”

    The young guitarist started hitting Omaha jam nights every single week, where older musicians recognized his prodigious talent and took him under their wings. Within only a couple years, he had a hot original Latin and reggae band and a song on local radio. Anchondo toured with that band almost non-stop for the next 10 years.

    “It was a lot of sleeping on floors, or in the van, or just driving on through to the next show,” he said.

    When the recession of 2008 happened, work dried up in the music scene, and the stress took its toll on the band, which parted company. Anchondo found himself without a band, working as a dishwasher in a Cuban restaurant. That year that tested his resolve more than any other.

    “I was kind of floundering personally,” said Anchondo. “I was like, ‘what do I do?’ I had put all my eggs in that basket, into music.”

    Anchondo knew his mind, though. It was guitar or nothing. And, he realized, this could be the moment he finally got to do a thing he’d wanted to do all his life. He had loved the blues since he was kid, had been sneaking in blues songs at his concerts for years. He wanted to play blues full time. So he started looking for other musicians who could help him make the hard-partying kind of blues he’d always loved.


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