Event Information

  • Sat


    Doors open @ 6:30 show begins @ 8:00pm

    Online tickets are available until 4PM day of show, then it will read "sold out". Tickets will be available at the door after 4PM day of.

    The Kaopectones are Kansas City's most unique "Rock" musical offering. Four veteran players reproducing timeless music from 4 decades of Rock. And all without the use of prerecorded or sequenced backing tracks, Auto-Tune, or other gadgets and tricks designed to fool the listener. Real music played by real people. The way it is supposed to be.

    Make no mistake, The Kaopectones are, first and foremost, a "Rock" band. They chose the "Rock" designation, as it encompasses much more than the traditional sub genre labels like "Rock and Roll", "Classsic Rock", "Pop Rock" or "Progressive Rock". The Kaopectones run the entire spectrum, stylistically, while never forgetting that the "Rock" attitude and approach are what drives all of the music they play. Loud and proud, with the edge and drive necessary to put the music across to the listener in the manner envisioned by the original artists.