​Together, with friends and family life can be sweeter. Together, life can be a little easier. Together, we can sing and dance for a few hours and forget about our worries.
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Fri. Aug 30 @ 8:00 pm 11:00 pm

We Are Defined By The Stories We Tell.

-Kris Lager

The Kris Lager Band’s purpose is not to convince you that greatness lives on a stage, in your TV, smart phone, or in your stereo.

The intent and purpose of our music is to awaken the greatness that lives within us all. I do believe we are all the same, and that we are all equals, and not anyone of us are better or lesser than anyone else. My goal as a performer and an artist is to find peace and tolerance through song and dance and spread it to the audience and the listener.

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel around playing music for almost twenty years now and I’ve had some form of The Kris Lager Band going since I was 17. Over the course of two decades I’ve had the opportunity to learn and become aware of things I didn’t even know existed when I started performing. Through many lessons and personal revelations I’ve been able to rediscover my motivations many times and also reshape my outlook and find purpose as an entertainer.

I started out just wanting to simply make my guitar cry and scream like my guitar heroes that I grew up listening to and loving. It made me feel good and I figured that if I delivered this music with passion and intensity that it would resonate. I believe it did, but there was more that I wasn’t aware of and there was something I was missing. Then after many bouts of disenchantment with the music business which led to a lot of soul searching I feel I discovered my calling, my magic trick. I discovered the beauty of serving the audience and intentionally setting out to lift up their spirits; while also delivering the music I loved. This mindset allowed me to focus less on myself and more on the audience, my band, and the big picture of what music is all about in the first place.

I believe music shouldn’t be about how great the listener thinks the performer is but yet how great the music makes the listener feel. It truly is a shift in perspective that gives the message precedence over the messenger. An interesting perspective considering in America we are raised in a culture heavy on idolizing our leaders and obsessing over celebrity. I want to help change our course.

I believe music and art is crucial to the health of our society. Music and art makes us feel connected, it eases our pain and suffering and perhaps most importantly raises the human spirit to heights otherwise unimaginable.

​Someday, when we as a society realize how sacred and important the arts are I believe that’s when world peace will be discovered. I believe creative expression is the pathway to peace. I mean it, just imagine a world were our leaders got together and played music and just grooved together. Where they sang and danced before any discussion of political or monetary importance. Imagine that… Someday, I hope.

When you come to a Kris Lager Band show you will see and hear a family of hippies who love to play music for people they love.

A group of music lovers fronted by yours truly, a wild and fiery Lincoln, Nebraska native, who’s found solace in music, who loves to dance, sing, and instigate a good old fashioned sing along. A fella who was raised on 90s MTV, who fell in love with blues guitar at age 13, and since fell in love with just about every other genre of music. I love rhythms and I love melodies and I stopped worrying and asking myself, ‘Is this safe to play?’. If I love it, you’ll hear it from me. What can I say besides I’m a music lover. 🙂

You’ll hear and see Scooby Sha Bo Bo on the drums. He is an Omaha, Nebraska native where he and I currently reside and he is one of the funkiest drummers alive. I’ve been touring alongside Scooby AKA John Fairchild for almost 15 years and he is my brother. I love him more than he’ll ever know. Not only does he possess the ability to shake every ass in the room with a funky beat, but he is also a great free stylist, beat boxer, and vocalist. I know when I pass the mic to him he’s gonna throw out something in your ear hole that is electric, exciting, and hilarious.

You’ll see and hear Lefever on the saxophone or as he likes to call it: ‘The Bendy Sex Whistle’. I asked him to jump on the road with us after a jam at Knuckleheads in Kansas City. I could hear how special he was just from a few of his hot licks. He had an unbridled intensity that I had never heard in a horn player before and It’s been a pleasure watching him grow and season. After almost three years on the road with KLB Mike Lefever is a force to be reckoned with and a player you won’t soon forget.

You’ll see and hear Derek Tucker on the bass. He is our newest member and also resides in Kansas City just like Lefever. Derek is a great spirit and he’s been rolling with us since August of 2018. That is when he flew out to the east coast and jumped on a tour with us in a pinch. He earned a special place in my heart, and he’s been funkin’ it up with KLB ever since. I love hearing his philosophy in life and I love hearing him play that bass. Truly one of the most melodic bass players I’ve ever played with.

Kris Lager Band’s motto is easy: CELEBRATE LIFE

​Together, with friends and family life can be sweeter. Together, life can be a little easier. Together, we can sing and dance for a few hours and forget about our worries.

We are defined by the stories we tell and this is the story I’m telling…

​ A lot of the songs that I sing start as simple mantras. Mantras for me to keep in mind and remember in my daily life and struggles. They serve as reminders for myself to stay positive and keep shining light and speaking of hope. In the end that’s what I seek in my world and honestly I don’t see enough of it out there in the world and on our screens.

I choose to perform and share these songs and mantras with people because I believe they work. I believe songs make the hard times easier and the good times sweeter. I truly believe In the power of song, music, and creating art in general. After all, I believe we are all artists creating our existence and reality. Our lives have been carved out and painted with the strokes and movements of our own decisions and beliefs.

Let’s paint a beautiful picture. The world will thank us.

Celebrate Life,
Kris Lager


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